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Frozen in Time

Sleat, Isle of Skye, Scotland

One of the great conundrums with landscape photography is predicting where the best light will be at a certain time. This is particularly important around sunrise and sunset, when the lighting is optimum for only a short period of time. On this occasion, I had got it wrong and my chosen location was uninspiringly overcast. I decided to chance my luck and head for a feint glimmer in the west. Some time after sunset, I chanced upon this semi frozen loch. Murphy's Law of course meant that the skies were now frustratingly too clear. The light reflecting off the water formed an interesting curve, while also creating separation from the hills, but there was still something missing. Fortunately, small clouds appeared over the dip in the low lying hills, in just the right place, to draw the composition together. Photo © copyright by Graham Chalmers.