Print Aftercare

Congratulations on buying a genuine original artwork from Your artwork will provide a lifetime of enjoyment provided a few simple steps are taken.

To maximise the lifespan of your artwork, avoid displaying it in locations where it is subjected to prolonged exposure to harsh sunlight, as this will eventually degrade the image quality. The surface of the print is delicate and care should be taken when handling. Always hold by the white margins to avoid the acids and oils present on fingers being transferred onto the image area. With larger pieces, hold diagonally opposite corners to avoid a crease forming. It is recommended that prints are framed to add a layer of physical and UV protection.

Prints under acrylic glass
The prints are physically protected by the acrylic glass which also gives UV protection. However the surface of the glass can be scratched if care is not taken. Use a lint free or microfiber cloth to gently dust the glass and be sure to remove sharp jewellery when handling. Under no circumstances use glass cleaning products. Maximise the lifespan by siting the artwork away from harsh direct light.

Canvas prints
Prints can be cleaned gently with a chemical free cloth. If necessary the cloth can be slightly dampened, but avoid rubbing the canvas surface. When locating the canvas, avoid placing it too near sources of heat (directly above a fire or radiator) or humidity extremes (bathroom/kitchen). Like all artwork, keep out of strong sunlight to maximise longevity.