About The Prints: Aluminium Mounted Print

Make a statement by using this very exciting, contemporary way to display your images. A traditional print using Fuji Crystal Archive paper is mounted on a thin sheet of 3-ply aluminium composite before being sealed under a polished sheet of premium acrylic glass. No framing is required, allowing the borderless image to seemingly float on your wall thanks to the mounting spacer system on the back. This method gives the image a deep, shiny luminous effect. The acrylic glass has the advantage over float glass of being lighter, less likely to shatter and also provides UV protection. The prints are guaranteed fade free for at least 75 years.

The beauty of this product is that is ready to hang, which saves you framing costs. It also eliminates the need to consider what type of frame suits your decor, the artwork can simply be transferred from room to room at any time. If in the future you decide to add a frame, the shallow depth of the artwork allows it to be easily accommodated in regular frame recesses.